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Morning Docket: 12.10.18

* It’s official: 2018 has been the best year for law firms since the Great Recession. Per Wells Fargo‚Äôs Legal Specialty Group, the legal industry will soon see its “strongest annual performance in a decade.” Biglaw is back, baby! [American Lawyer]

* Now that federal prosecutors have linked President Trump to crimes committed during his 2016 campaign, the focus has shifted to the family business — but thus far, special counsel Robert Mueller hasn’t tipped his hand as to whether or how Trump’s family members will be involved in the case. [New York Times]

* The Ninth Circuit recently upheld a district court judge’s decision to put a stop to President Trump’s limitations on asylum, citing the fact that his new port-of-entry rule was “likely arbitrary and capricious” since it was based “on a criterion that has nothing to do with asylum itself.” Sounds about right. [Los Angeles Times]

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