Non-Sequiturs: 05.19.19

* Game of Thrones may be ending, but that doesn’t mean we should stop pondering Arya Stark’s potential tort liability. [The Law Geeks]

* Leslie Jones takes on Alabama’s new abortion law on this week’s Saturday Night Live. You’ve got to laugh otherwise you’ll cry. [The Hill]

* Taking down the under-informed hot takes on what it will be like if Roe is actually overturned. [Lawyers, Guns & Money]

* And, just in case you were laboring under the misimpression Roe and its progeny are constitutional outliers, no, they aren’t. [Dorf on Law]

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Non Sequiturs: 04.28.19

* Adam Feldman poses — and answers — an interesting question: are particular justices more or less partial to certain lawyers’ or law firms’ positions? [Empirical SCOTUS] * Speaking of …

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Non Sequiturs: 04.21.19

* What’s the future of Elizabeth Prelogar, the beauty queen turned Harvard Law School grad turned Supreme Court clerk turned Team Mueller member? Not clear, except that it’s blindingly bright. …

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Non Sequiturs: 04.14.19

* “How Tough-on-Crime Prosecutors Contribute to Mass Incarceration.” My review of Emily Bazelon’s new book, Charged: The New Movement to Transform American Prosecution and End Mass Incarceration (affiliate link). [New …

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Non Sequiturs: 04.07.19

* Where does Justice Brett Kavanaugh fit along the ideological spectrum at the Supreme Court? Adam Feldman evaluates the evidence thus far. [Empirical SCOTUS] * Speaking of SCOTUS, Frank Pasquale …

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